Why Us

  1.Service guarantee
  • We guarantee efficient and excellent customer service.
  2.Top quality
  • We ensure that the actuarial reports are of utmost quality and reflective of the latest actuarial professional standards.
  3. Fast turn around time
  • We have one of the fastest turnaround times in the market.
  4. Theory and Practice are used to unlock customized solutions.
  • Our consultants continue to expand horizons beyond traditional actuarial science.
  • We take pride in our synergies with academe and research.
  5. Customized services with three tiers to choose from
  • We tailor-fit our services to the needs of our clients. As such, we offer tiered services listed below.
    • Tier 1: the standard valuation in the industry.
    • Tier 2: Tier 1 plus sensitivity analysis
      >Sensitivity analysis will help clients grasp the imapct of key actuarial assumptions on pertinent actuarial figures.
    • Tier 3: Tier 2 plus projection of assets, contributions, liabilities, costs until 100% funding ratio is reached. For funding valuation only.
      >Projections will help clients plan their contributions into the future and not only for one year.
  6. Full analysis of actuarial cost method and assumptions without resorting to shortcuts
  1. Discount rate reference and methodology for PAS 19 are in line with the requirements of Financial Reporting Standards Council as expressed in the document Q&A 2008-01(Revised)
    • Requirement to use zero-coupon bond yields and not coupon-paying bond yields as discount rate reference.
    • Single-weighted present value approach is employed.

  2. The critical assumption of turnover (resignation) rates is based on your company’s unique experience .
    • Your turnover experience over the past 5-10 years shall be analyzed and the assumption that you get is based on your experience not of others.
    • Assuming no turnover rate or setting this to nil means that all employees, even twenty year olds, will surely reach retirement, say at age 60, barring death and disability. Such a scenario is most unlikely for most companies. Thus, using turnover rates based on your experience is critical.

  3. Full use of projected unit credit method without resorting to term cost shortcuts
    • Pertinent actuarial results are broken down into retirement, turnover, death and disability causes.